Offering you the best tech investment opportunities

About Lian Group

An in-depth sector expertise puts us in a unique position to identify, value, and provide opportunities in the most prominent industries of our time.

Offering investment opportunities and thematic investments to family offices, private banks, and institutional investors. We manage these investments on their behalf as a general partner.

A team of talented, dedicated professionals provides our investors with appealing solutions that leverage deep expertise and experience, global industry relationships, and local knowledge


An investment philosophy geared towards concentration

  • Market inefficiency

    We believe that skill and expertise pays off, beating the market average.
  • Benefits of specialization

    Instead of tackling many niches, we decide to focus on specific tech deals for which we have strong confidence.
  • Complete transparency

    We focus on company fundamentals and their potential, as these will be the sole factor of the company’s success.


  • 2017

    Establishment of Lian Group

    After meeting at a blockchain conference, our founders Fiorenzo Manganiello and Nessim-Sariel Gaon, came up with an idea. Their vision was simple; to make tech investments more accessible and to empower entrepreneurs in their decision-making process.
  • 2019

    Creation of the Lian Foundation

    The Lian Foundation is an art project focused on empowering millennial artists. The Foundation’s primary focus is on art and new technologies, organizing events and projects to promote diversity and education.  
  • 2020

    Launching of Cowa

    Noticing a growing need for European Blockchain infrastructure, Lian Group bootstrapped Cowa in 2020. In order to fit into the green revolution, Cowa’s operations run entirely on renewable energy for zero-carbon emissions.
  • 2021

    Creation of EVOO

    The growth of the technology industry is not just limited to the private markets. Driven by a desire to bring its private market expertise to the public markets, Lian Group formed the EVOO Capital brand. Today, EVOO Capital leverages the deep technology knowledge and expertise built from Lian Group’s direct investments and applies it to focused strategies in publicly-listed securities.
  • 2022

    State of things today

    Lian Group is operating now in San Francisco and Zurich, in addition to its existing offices worldwide. The company now has 40+ employees globally and continues to expand its service offerings maintaining their mission to offer the best to its clients.